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AuBurn Caps To Cash gives organizations an easier way to earn cash! Who can participate? Churches, Youth and Sports Groups, Non-for profit organizations and service groups (see Official Rules for eligibility requirements). Are you a school or PTO? Check out the AuBurn Caps To Cash KIDS program to see how you can participate and start earning cash!

“Giving back for the benefit of our communities”
AuBurn Caps To Cash gives organizations and school’s
an easier way to earn  cash.

AuBurn EZMed packaging system gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the right medication at the right time every day. This packaging was developed to help our patients organize and simplify your daily medications. With EZMed packaging, medications for each day are packaged into one bubble for easy dispensing.  All you have to do is pop the medications out of the foil backing for the appropriate day and time. When reviewing the card the bubbles are packaged on, it is immediately visible if you have missed or doubled up on any doses! It takes any guessing out of the equation. The AuBurn EZMed packaging systems helps you manage your daily medications more efficiently by helping you easily identify when you only have 3-5 days left giving you time to order your refill or to get to the pharmacy to pick up your refill if you are enrolled in the auto refill program. The EZMed packaging system is part of the AuBurn AdvantaCare medication synchronization and adherence program.

Experience the AuBurn AdvantaCare

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Do you currently come to the pharmacy multiple times per month to pick-up maintenance medication? Do you run out of refills and consequently medication waiting on the doctor to respond to refill requests? If so, you will be interested in AdvantaCare, AuBurn Pharmacy’s refill synchronization. By synchronizing medication refills this allows for scheduled pick-up along with advance notice to your Doctor for refill authorization.

• Medication Synchronization (All maintenance prescriptions are filled and ready for pick-up on scheduled date)
• Pharmacy Staff will call 4-7 days prior to prescriptions being refilled to verify need and update any changes
• Doctors are notified in advance of refills expiring to ensure all prescriptions are ready for pick-up
• Meeting with Pharmacist at medication pick-up

Vaccinations available EVERYDAY!

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These Vaccinations available EVERYDAY:

• Influenza
• Shingles
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Pneumonia
• Meningitis
• TDap
• HPV*

* Only available in our Kansas locations

AuBurn Pharmacy is able to check benefits or out-of-pocket with your insurance, which typically ranges from $0-220. Vaccine is kept on hand at each of our locations. Talk to your local AuBurn Pharmacy team about getting vaccinated today.

Specialized diabetic shoe fitting services

AuBurn Pharmacy offers specialized diabetic shoe fitting services. Measuring and assessing the needs of a patient’s feet to aid in proper footwear selection. Along with yearly foot exams, having properly fitted footwear by a qualified foot care professional is a necessary and integral part of a diabetic persons foot care. Proper footwear helps to prevent serious complications associated with diseases of the diabetic foot.

AuBurn is an authorized retailer of Medela breastpumps

Find out how you can get your breastpump through insurance!

Pictured is the Flier for Medela, and how you can get a breast pump through insurance.

AuBurn Pharmacy is an: Authorized DME Provider & Biller, Authorized retailer of Medela breastpumps and accessories, FREE insurance benefit check to determine coverage, We accept FSA/HSA cards! Use your card to pay for eligible breastfeeding products, Consult with an AuBurn Pharmacist about the safety of your current medication while breastfeeding.

Download more information.
Breast Pumps Comparison
Pump Starter Kit
Affordable Care Act
What is FSA?
Breast Pump Accessories
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