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Important Information Regarding TriCare

You may have received a letter from Express Scripts, the pharmacy benefit manager that administers the TRICARE benefit, that our pharmacy may soon no longer be in the network. We are extremely saddened by these developments, and we have enjoyed the privilege of serving your health care needs. We would like to provide you with more information on why this has happened and what you can do moving forward.

Recently the Department of Defense awarded a $4 billion dollar contract to Express Scripts and at the same time reduced the size of the retail pharmacy network. Express Scripts, which owns it’s own mail order and specialty pharmacy and is a direct competitor to independent pharmacies such as AuBurn Pharmacy, has slashed payments to community pharmacies thus making it nearly impossible for a pharmacy to be able to participate and serve our military and their families.

This action will take pharmacy choice away from you, and from millions of other active and retired military and their families. As AuBurn Pharmacy, we do not agree with this decision. We believe that you should have a choice on where you receive your prescriptions. We have already begun voicing our opinion on this matter and have taken steps to try and rectify this situation.

We want you to know that you do have a voice. If you would like to join us in our efforts, please consider the following:

Submit A Complaint

Let them know that your upset that your AuBurn Pharmacy is being unfairly excluded from the TRICARE network by calling 1-877-363-1303 or sending an email to

Mail Your Complaint

Mail a hard copy of your complaint directly to:

Defense Health Agency
Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101
Falls Church, VA 22042-5101

Contact Your U.S. senators and Representatives

Look up their contact information by clicking here!

Share Your Story

Share your story on social media, tagging @MilitaryHealth, @TRICARE, and @ExpressScripts in your posts.

Join Our Petition

Click the link below to sign our partner’s petition.

Click here to join our petition

Submit A Letter

Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Contact for guidance on submitting a letter to the editor.

Thank you for defending our freedoms and supporting your local community pharmacy!

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• Conveniently order refills for anywhere you are
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Shingles Vaccinations available EVERYDAY!

Over the age of 50? Were you exposed to chicken pox? Like 98 percent of people, you probably answered yes to that question. This means that you already have the Shingles virus living in you. AuBurn pharmacies in collaboration with physicians want to raise awareness about Shingrix, the relatively inexpensive vaccine to reduce risk of having an outbreak and if one does occur lessen the effects. AuBurn Pharmacy is able to check benefits or out-of-pocket with your insurance, which typically ranges from $0-220. Vaccine is kept on hand at each of our locations. Talk to your local AuBurn Pharmacy team about getting vaccinated today.

Team AuBurn

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Try EZMed Today!

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AuBurn EZMed packaging system gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the right medication at the right time every day. This packaging was developed to help our patients organize and simplify your daily medications. With EZMed packaging, medications for each day are packaged into one bubble for easy dispensing.  All you have to do is pop the medications out of the foil backing for the appropriate day and time. When reviewing the card the bubbles are packaged on, it is immediately visible if you have missed or doubled up on any doses! It takes any guessing out of the equation. The AuBurn EZMed packaging systems helps you manage your daily medications more efficiently by helping you easily identify when you only have 3-5 days left giving you time to order your refill or to get to the pharmacy to pick up your refill if you are enrolled in the auto refill program. The EZMed packaging system is part of the AuBurn AdvantaCare medication synchronization and adherence program.

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Vaccination Station

This graphic is the logo for The AuBurn Pharmacy Vaccination Station.

These Vaccinations available EVERYDAY:

• Influenza
• Shingles
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Pneumonia
• Meningitis
• TDap
• HPV*
* Only available in our Kansas locations


AuBurn Advanta Care

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Do you currently come to the pharmacy multiple times per month to pick-up maintenance medication? Do you run out of refills and consequently medication waiting on the doctor to respond to refill requests? If so, you will be interested in Advantacare, AuBurn Pharmacy’s refill synchronization. By synchronizing medication refills this allows for scheduled pick-up along with advance notice to your Doctor for refill authorization.


• Medication Synchronization (All maintenance prescriptions are filled and ready for pick-up on scheduled date)
• Pharmacy Staff will call 4-7 days prior to prescriptions being refilled to verify need and update any changes
• Doctors are notified in advance of refills expiring to ensure all prescriptions are ready for pick-up A
• Meeting with Pharmacist at medication pick-up B
• Automatically Enrolled as an AuBurn Advantage Loyalty Member

Specialized diabetic shoe fitting services

AuBurn Pharmacy offers specialized diabetic shoe fitting services. Measuring and assessing the needs of a patient’s feet to aid in proper footwear selection. Along with yearly foot exams, having properly fitted footwear by a qualified foot care professional is a necessary and integral part of a diabetic persons foot care. Proper footwear helps to prevent serious complications associated with diseases of the diabetic foot.

The following are current locations that offer diabetic shoe fitting services.

  • 429 N Maple Street, Garnett, KS 66032
  • 311 N Hospital Drive, Paola, KS 66071
  • 890 Lakin Street, Osage City, KS 66523
  • 6 S. Metcalf Road, Louisburg, KS 66053
  • 1526 Lincoln Street, Concordia, KS 66091
  • 625 Main Street, Mound City, KS 66056
  • 601 S. Main Street, Wellsville, KS 66092
  • 400 Ames Street, Baldwin City, KS 66006
  • 2020 Main Street, Parsons, KS 67357
  • 310 E. 15th Street, Eudora, KS 66025
  • 1518 N. Buckeye Ave, Abilene, KS 67410
  • 9107 N.W. 45 Highway, Parkville, MO 64152
  • 13351 Mission Road, Leawood, KS 66209
  • 16611 E. 23rd Street, Independence, MO 64055

Continue to check this website for additional locations being added

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