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    • B-I-N-G-O September 19, 2017
      Karen, Mary & Ken from Mound City Auburn Pharmacy played bingo at the Pleasanton Residencies Tuesday morning. Looks like fun!
    • Untitled September 19, 2017
      AuBurn Pharmacy is at the Sunflower Fair in Salina today from 8-4! We are ready to give out some great information about Diabetic shoes, EZMed, and our Vaccinations! COME BY AND SEE US!
    • Untitled September 14, 2017
      Don't let the Flu' s Brothers accomplish their mission of Spreading the flu this season. Protect yourself by getting your FLU SHOT today at any local AuBurn Pharmacy!
    • Ear Candles September 13, 2017
      You asked for them, we got them... Get your ear candles now at our Mound City store for $8.99!!!
    • Untitled September 13, 2017
      Eileen’s brother Kurt will compete in the Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Alabama which occurs the first weekend of October. It is the final AHRMA round of 2017. His team is sponsored by Alabama One Call - 811, will take the grid with over 50 racers in class. An estimated 70,000 people will fill the […]
    • Gene-Targeted Rx Offers Hope for Prostate Cancer September 12, 2017
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