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    • Choosing the Right Allergy Medication April 19, 2018
      With hundreds of allergy medications available for purchase, it's no surprise that many consumers are confused when they try to choose the right medication for their allergies.
    • Going Gluten-Free: What You Need to Know April 18, 2018
      Gluten-free diets, considered a medical treatment to manage celiac disease, are becoming more and more popular. But do you know what going gluten-free is really all about?
    • Managing Blood Pressure April 17, 2018
      To treat high blood pressure, many people in a recent survey said they would rather drink tea than exercise.
    • Autism Drug Gets 'Breakthrough' Status April 15, 2018
      A possible treatment for autism has been granted expedited development and review.
    • Cryotherapy a Cool Trend After All? April 12, 2018
      Whole-body cryotherapy may not be so cool after all, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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    • Untitled April 16, 2018
      WE ARE OPEN! Visit us at our new location inside Yoss Grocery Store at 1200 E 10th, Suite B. Same great staff, same convenient hours, same great service and programs with a new convenient DRIVE-THRU!
    • Untitled April 13, 2018
      Here's a birthday pic of Nancy from our Minneapolis Location, she is 80 years young!! Congrats Nancy, hope you have many more!!!
    • Untitled April 11, 2018
      What mom doesn't love a picture frame? 50 percent off All picture frames and Mother's Day Gifts at our Mound City location 
    • Untitled April 10, 2018
      Andrea for our Baldwin location represented AuBurn at the annual Wellness Fair in Baldwin on Saturday. Thanks, Andrea
    • Untitled April 10, 2018
      Please join Franny Eastwood and Ali Alexander for a class on: "Living Well with Diabetes”, Wednesday 18th starting at 6:30 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 14977 KS HWY 52 in Mound City. Learn about diabetes and the relationship to nutrition and physical activity. Download a flyer:http://auburnpharmacies.com/…/20…/04/diabetesClassFllyer.pdf
    • Untitled April 9, 2018
      It was center stage for Overland Park’s School of Rock at the KC Live located in the Power and Light District. Performing to a packed house in the OzMan Cometh Concert. Russ and Eli the sons of Burt and Mackenzie of our Corporate office and Carly the daughter of Dane and Barb from the Garnett […]
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