AuBurn Pharmacy Corporate
in Garnett, Kansas

This shows AuBurn Pharmacy Corporate Location. It is a tan metal building with a large metal awning. With a large grass yard with two trees in front.

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AuBurn Pharmacy Corporate Directory

Michael W. Burns, RPh.
President / CEO
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Ryan Moore, Pharm D.
Vice President of Operations

Eileen Burns
Director of Marketing

Ed Pyle
Director of Business Development

Jerry Asher
Staff Pharmacist

Chelsea Doherty, Pharm D.
Director of Retail Pharmacy

Peyton Kuhn
Accounting Manager

Deb McMillen
 Director of Human Resources

Burt Peterson

Shelly Douglass, CPhT
3rd Party Support and Billing

Doug Archer
Senior Art Director

Amber Adams, CPhT
Third Party Billing & Inventory Support

Cathy Stephens, CPhT
Third Party & Compliance Manager

Brittany Boothe

Eric Klein
Logistics and Facilities Manager

Mike Morin
Human Resources Assistant

Kurt Klein
Communications & Networking Technician

Jori Beckman
3rd Party Billing Support

Leesa Sands

Administrative Assistant

Samantha Richardson


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AuBurn Pharmacy
259 W. Park Rd
Garnett, KS 66032
(785) 448-3600 / (785) 448-3206 Fax

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